Card Jitsu Shadow is Coming to Pengable 2 Soon

Pengable 2 tweeted the following:

I replied saying that they were hinting about Card Jitsu Shadow, and I was correct!

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to play the Shadow version of Card Jitsu when it comes out. It’s my favorite game on Club Penguin. When do you think it will be released?


New Pengable 2 Worker

Tigerkid1245 is a new staff member on Pengable 2! Here’s a picture of him working on the game.


He also revealed you’ll be able to see puffles in the rooms!


If only Club Penguin did something like this for the Puffle Party this year. In some ways CPPSes are much better then the real game.

Necktie Item IDs for Pengable

The following neckties are rare in Club Penguin they were only available in 2009 in the Clothing catalog. At least you can still get them on Pengable.










The ID for the Mullet Necktie is 188. The ID for the Cheesy Necktie is 187. The ID for the Smiley Necktie is 189. Will you be getting these items?

The Pengable Election 2012

I’m running for president of Pengable! Victory889 is my opponent. We were inspired by the Club Penguin Election on Twitter and decided to do one ourselves. Please vote for me! VOTE NOW BY CLICKING HERE! If you use Twitter be sure to tweet #Darksupacuty2012 and #darkpizza2012 to show your support and follow me @Darksupacuty and Victory @victorsal. Also follow @PengableVote for the latest news on the election.

UPDATE: Mijalapa is also running and Pizza1234 is my Vice President.

The New Pengable aka PvP

Admin came online today and talked about the new Pengable. It won’t be a CPPS because he doesn’t want to get sued so he’s making a whole new game called PvP. I think that stands for Penguin versus Penguin. Since it’s a completely different game you will have to make a whole new account.

If you can’t see the picture above it says PvP will be similar to Penguin Chat 3. It will start off simple and grow to have new features, games, etc. Admin also said he will be hiring a designer for graphics. It will be similar to Club Penguin but different in others. There won’t be !AI commands or Club Penguin items and you can earn coins by killing penguins aka throwing snowballs. Also PvP will have a restaurant instead of a coffee shop like on CP.

When it’s launched they will have a Beta party. Admin is supposed to be designing the Beta hat. He doesn’t know exactly when PvP will be launched but he said sometime next year. ¬†There is also supposed to be a developer blog coming soon. If you’re wondering about Pengable Admin said it will still exist but I don’t think it will ever be updated.

Will you play PvP when it comes out?

UPDATE 11/3: The new Pengable will also be built by User Feedback according to Admin.

Picture credit to Pinkey2209.